Masonic Education

Masonic Education

The Masonic Education Advancement Programme


For the benefit of all Brethren and potential members, here are the details of our Tasmanian Masonic Education Programme.

For the balance of 2020 the MEAP will be delivered as follows on the 4th Wednesday in each month;

August 2020: MEAP 1

September 2020: MEAP 2

October 2020: MEAP 3

November 2020:  if required MEAP 1, 2 or 3


From 2021 the MEAP Calendar will be delivered on 4th Wednesday in each month;

MEAP 1: February, May, August, November (if required)

MEAP 2: March, June, September, November (if required)

MEAP 3: April, July, October, November (if required)


The emphasis of the Tasmanian Masonic Education Programme is to provide our Brethren and new candidates with information and the reasons behind the work they have undertaken and to help them understand freemasonry.

Older members in Tasmania are invited to attend the Tasmania Masonic Education Programme, to support our newer members. It also provides them with an opportunity to expand their own masonic knowledge.


R.W. Bro. Dr. S.R.Zichy-Woinarski PDGM.

Superintendent of Masonic Education