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                                             17th April        Initiation - Devonport Masonic Lodge                    23rd May         Installation - Launceston-Lawrie Abra Memorial Lodge

                                             27th April        Installation - Bothwell Lodge                               20th June         Initiation - Devonport Masonic Lodge

                                             13th May         Installation - Devonport Masonic Lodge                 5th – 7th July   United Grand Lodge of Queensland Grand Installation - Brisbane

                                             18th May         Installation - Nugara Lodge                                 24th July          Installation - Hutchins Old Boys' Lodge

                                             21st May         Initiation – Lodge of Peace                                 24th August     Grand Lodge Communications (South)


Burnie Students gain Masonic Scholarship Awards

From L to R: Mataya Robson Shelby Byard Lachie Blizzard

Mataya Robson a former pupil of Marist College became the successful candidate in her selection as the 2019 winner of the Burnie Masonic Lodge Hilton Sharpe Masonic Memorial Scholarship which has been increased by 50% to $3000 this year as the lodge has become aware of the increasing financial pressures being experienced by students.

This award is presented annually to a Student who must be resident in Burnie and attends either Hellyer or Marist Colleges prior to gaining entry to a university.

Mataya is enrolling in a degree course to study Forensic Science at the Deakin University.

In the course of her education so far Mataya has been a student at Parklands High School and both Hellyer and Marist Colleges.

Her cheque will be presented to her by Stewart Freeman Wor: Master Of Burnie Masonic Lodge at the forth coming Marist College Awards Evening.

Burnie Masonic D.I Bartley Memorial Scholarships were rewarded this year to Grade 9 students at both Burnie and Parklands High School as selected by their respective schools each receiving a cheque for $300 as a financial aid towards their ongoing education. Lachie Blizzard of Burnie High School was presented with his award by Burnie Masonic Lodge Secretary V Wor Bro Gerry Gunton. Shelby Byard of Parklands High with hers by lodge member Bro Mitch Edwick.


Gerry Gunton
Secretary Burnie Masonic Lodge
Ph 64351477.

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The Grand Masters 2019 Winter Relief Appeal


Burnie Masonic Installation 27th October 2018

Left to right are W. Bro. Stewart Freeman, R.W. Bro. Russell Ker and R.W. Bro. Maurice Lawson

A large gathering of brethren from every part of the state attended the Installation of W. Bro. Stewart C Freeman OAM CSM into the chair of the Burnie Masonic Lodge No 89TC.

The Ceremony being conducted by his Uncle R.W. Bro. Maurice R. Lawson, PDGM assisted and supported by a Grand Lodge Team of 30 members from the South, North and North West.

Born in Burnie and raised in Sydney joining the Royal Australian Airforce our Worshipful Master embarked on a long and distinguished career finally retiring with a rank of Wing Commander.

In addition to his Burnie Masonic duties he is the Officer involved with the administration of the Masonic Education Programme in the North West.

The Grand Director of Ceremonies, V.W. Bro. Philip Kline having been congratulated for the excellent manner in which he had conducted the ceremony was somewhat bemused when the unconventional Installing Master asked to be conducted to the floor of the Lodge.

Brethren waited with suspense as the pair circled the lodge, stopping to face V.W. Bro. Russell B Ker who rose to his feet to learn, on behalf of the M.W. Grand Master for services to Grand Lodge, he was accorded with the rank of Past Grand Warden.

The day concluded with a Banquet in the South with stewards provided by Emu Lodge, when the members were joined by their ladies who had spent the afternoon at the Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens.

V.W. Bro. Gerry Gunton O.D.S.

Lodge Secretary



Acknowledgment of Gift from United Grand Lodge of England

The Grand Lodge of Tasmania recently received a letter from the M.W. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, (HRH the Duke of Kent KG, CGMG. GCVO, ADC) acknowledging the gift presented by our Grand Master, M.W. Bro. John Slore on behalf of the Masons of Tasmania at the UGLE Tercentenary Celebrations in London. A copy of that letter can be viewed here



Above are photos of the presented item, of which the base is constructed from our unique Tasmanian timbers in the form of the golden ratio or phi and forms a perfect ashlar. It also has a Tasmanian masonic penny set into it.