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Masonic Lodge 80 year Jewel for R.W. Bro. Lance Strickland PGW Tasmania

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2019 Dryden Scholarship

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Raising of Bro. R H Bebbington

Initiation of Bro. J B Newell

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Acknowledgment of Gift from United Grand Lodge of England

The Grand Lodge of Tasmania recently received a letter from the M.W. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, (HRH the Duke of Kent KG, CGMG. GCVO, ADC) acknowledging the gift presented by our Grand Master, M.W. Bro. John Slore on behalf of the Masons of Tasmania at the UGLE Tercentenary Celebrations in London. A copy of that letter can be viewed here



Above are photos of the presented item, of which the base is constructed from our unique Tasmanian timbers in the form of the golden ratio or phi and forms a perfect ashlar. It also has a Tasmanian masonic penny set into it.